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Caption Associates LLC is one of the nation’s leading closed-captioning companies, dedicated to providing excellence in real-time and offline captioning. Our services are used by clients throughout the U.S. who enjoy working with our friendly, skilled and reliable staff members.

Caption Associates LLC is dedicated to providing exceptional value. Read on to learn more about why our clients have made us their exclusive source for offline and real-time captioning services. We are happy to consult with you at any time about your potential need for our services.

Here at Caption Associates LLC, we provide our clients with direct and honest information and advice. We never forget why we are here – to make media accessible by providing the best in:

  • Streaming captioning services, including for Zoom, Teams, Adobe, and WebEx
  • Remote and Onsite Live Captioning
  • File creation and encoding for pre-recorded video
  • Remote and Onsite CART, often used in educational and workplace settings
  • Transcription

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“Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional quality, service and value.”

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